• photo by paul cupido
  • Drawing upon the healing properties and frequencies of plants, Menyan honors the moment and individuals through integrative scent experiences and botanical remedies.

    We have balanced ideals and a clear intention that informs our choices. Through this we find ease, honesty and an intrinsic flow that honors the bond between humans, nature and the interconnected frequencies between us. We revel in the imperfections and are empowered by the unique qualities of each material and creator involved in our process.

  • Founder

    Mimi is the founder, creative director and formulator for Menyan. As an educator, aromatherapist and flower essence practitioner, Mimi takes great pride in offering products and experiences that help people connect to and consider themselves, others and the present moment. A life-long learner and educator, Mimi aims to honor and support people by reconnecting them to their true essence through plants, self-awareness and relevant wellness practices.

  • Ethos

    At Menyan, we are firmly committed to co-creating with people and plants in a mindful and considerate manner. To be relevant and responsible in today's world, luxury, fair trade and transparency are essential. We believe that plants wish to thrive and help us thrive by sharing their remedies. For this reason, it is essential that we consider their conservation as we distill, extract and procure our raw materials. We go to great lengths to research all plants and suppliers in order to ensure that whenever possible, our impact on the earth is minimal and the people we work with are valued in all ways. Our offset programs and CSR partnerships with Tri Hita Karana Bali and the Airmid Institute will always play a critical role in our ethos.

    Mimi is the official Ambassador for Indonesia at the Airmid Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the global education, research, and sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). We aim to develop, implement, and support projects and education for all ages focused on traditional ecological knowledge of aromatic plant medicine among healers worldwide, impacts of climate change, ethical sourcing, and forest regeneration. We also help to protect and promote uses of traditional medicine in Indigenous communities.

    Stay tuned for updates on forthcoming projects.